Software win profiles: Perfect software solution for Parental Control, Public Computers, Employee Monitoring

Perfect software solution for Parental Control, Public Computers, Employee Monitoring

Compatible with:
compatibile with Browser Google Chromecompatibile with Browser Mozilla Firefoxcompatibile with Browser Microsoft Edge

WinProfiles allows you to create full customized profiles. Each profile may be set to limit the PC features as following:

Limiting web surfing: you may create either a White List of websites, where the users are allowed to browse on, or a Black List of websites, where the users are not allowed to browse on.

Using the PC as kiosk mode, where every PC functionality is disabled besides Internet browser.

Blocking certain PC functionalities and/or programs and/or processes installed in the PC.

Blocking windows opening, i.e. Control Panel, My PC, Devices and Printers and so on.

Choosing different browser home pages.

Selecting a printer as default printer.

You may even decide to use an alternative browser (WinProfile browser) rather than Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Firefox or any other standard browsers, for a safer surfing and more privacy.

Enabling a visited websites log.... You may enable and monitor a visited websites log, which will be unaffected if the users delete own browser history.

You may create time slots when activating and disactivating the customized profiles: you decide how and when PC users are limited.

With WinProfiles it's possible to create different profiles, each one with own different features, and activate them in according to your needs. Access to profile setting has a smart protection that doesn't allow user to modify the limitations setting, for example, disabling Task Manager access.


Who might be interested in WinProfiles?

This program fits to a large variety of people and businesses, as following:

Parents who wish to have peace of mind when own children use the PC: blocking private folders access, allowing launching chosen applications (like some games), limiting Internet surfing to a chosen list of safe websites, creating time slots that don't let children use the PC for too many hours, and other interesting functions.

Businesses that want to limit PC use to employees for non-business purposes during working hours, i.e. blocking certain applications like Facebook, MSN, Instagram, Youtube or limiting Internet surfing. You may even set WinProfiles with time slots that provide both PC and Internet without limitations to employees during lunch breaks. You may also enable a websites log to monitor websites visited by employees.

Public Computers (library, kiosk PC, internet café and so on): any activity that provides computer use to public. You may limit the PC functionalities to just business purposes ones, whatever they are, i.e. business websites or business applications. You may even block all PC functionalities and just allow the users to use Internet browser limited to few websites.

In few words, WinProfiles is for anybody who needs to monitor and to create PC limitations in a quick and easy way.

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